Wednesday, May 4, 2011

day3/7, week 2/4 challenge

The groundwork of all happiness is good health - Leigh Hunt

Good morning!  Met my ladies at 6am this morning for FMFL #12 strength. 
We Love/Hate this workout!  Lots of squats; low reps, but heavy weights.

One arm snatches
Wall sits 1 minute with bicep curls
Squat to press
Plie squat with upright row
Bulgarian squats
Overhead back lunges
Nowhere to be today - I'm working today to catch up on the last two days and making a grocery list for tomorrow's trip to town.

Enjoyed breakfast today! 

Morning Snack

Lunch - Quinoa, peppers, brocolli, boiled eggwhite, chicken breast, and I was out of lemons so I sprinkled on some feta cheese for taste and I think I got a winner again!  YUM!

After lunch - more tea.  It's cold today!  I think most of my water I drank today was hot tea!

Yum- afternoon snack. Coconut Oolong Tea, strawberries, Chobani greek yogurt with chocolate pp.

I was reading some more on ACV and that you should try to drink a glass of water and ACV before each meal.  Ick.  I chugged it down before supper!

Not very colorful - grocery shopping tomorrow!  Sirloin roast that was in the crockpot all day with spinach, asparagus, red onion, and I drizzled a little salsa on top. 

Today's Totals:
1637 calories
153 carbs
47 fat
164 protein

I've been told I should try more calories, that I'm not eating enough.  I'm eating good foods, but not enough.  It's so hard to get past the idea of restricting calories to lose weight.  1637 - that seems a bit much!  ?? 

Tomorrow I am off in the morning to town for a much needed hair appt and shopping and grocery shopping, then two spring music concerts tomorrow night.  So I will be packing a Quest bar, protein meal replacement shake, some almonds and an apple and string cheese for my trip since I will be there most of the day.  Then just home long enough to unpack groceries and head to the school for the concerts. 

Thanks for following me! Thanks for words of encouragement and thanks for all the tips everyone!


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  1. I actually lost weight the easiest when I wasn't counting calories. I lost 8 pounds in those 28 days I was doing the Stripped plan. I just used the portion sizes recommended by the book.
    Great photos! :)