Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LBDP day 24/42

Morning workout:
20/10s 35 minutes

Preworkout - Applesauce and a few energy bites
Breakfast - chocolate protein, frozen banana, PB2, oatmeal smoothie
Snack - Grapes and string cheese
Lunch - Shrimp and quinoa salad
Snack - Watermelon and a few energy bites
Supper - 3 turkey quinoa muffins
Snack - Chobani yogurt with casein

So today was fun!  I posted this on my facebook wall and ended up doing 100 pushups.

"Like if you know who this cutie pie is.
 I will do 5 push-ups for every like.
 If you don't know who he is - ASK!

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THEN....Dustin SHARED this post on his page - it is now at 81 likes.  OOFDAH!
Brady and Aiden - being supportive!

LBDP day 23/42

Yep - that's sweat, hard earned good 'ol sweat!

Morning workout:
Bis/Tris and an awesome 35 minutes of 20/10s

Multigrain Cheerios (this is getting to be a habit - I need groceries really bad!)
Shrimp with tomatoes and black beans

Forgot to finish this blog!  Oh well.  It was a good day.