Thursday, June 14, 2012

LBDP day 18/42


Last day of football camp - Neil got up extra early and took him so I slept in!

Shredded wheat cereal
Chobani yogurt
celery and hummus
Grilled chicken with tomatoes and black beans

Tris and chest and 20/10s with Angela.  Today was wear obnoxious bright colors day.  Neither of us had much, but our shoes were pretty bright colors!

After doing tricep pushdowns I had to do overhead tri extensions...Angela just finished up and was going to do what I just finished.  Picked up a 20 pound dumbbell and could barely move it over my head - but with a little encouragement from Angela I did it.  Then during 20/10s Angela was suffering from jelly legs from our leg workout yesterday, but finished with encouragement from me!

Did not get enough water today.  Better tomorrow!

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