Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LBDP Day 17/42

Okay Okay - Getting up at 5am to get my son to football camp this week has been a strain on my eating.  Tomorrow is the last day.  It's true - when you eat sugar - you crave it all the more!  Here's a great article on why.  I need a day of prepping foods.  Been a while since I've made my turkey quinoa muffins - and that sounds REALLY good about now!  Just finished a quick, but awesome leg workout with Angela tonight.

Breakfast: Oatmeal protein shake
Lunch: Pizza Ranch - chicken breast and salad and one tiny slice of pepperoni pizza
Supper:  It's 7:20 and I haven't had supper yet.  Just got back from the gym.  I would have done better if I would have just fasted today!    Will be making either a protein shake or making eggs here shortly.

Workout with Angela:
Jump squats
Deep wide legged squats
Walking lunges
Stationary lunges
Bulgarian split squats
Alternating lunges
Plie squats
Leg press
Leg curls
Calf raises
Single leg deadlifts
Hip raises

While at camp today I read my new Oxygen magazine - a tribute to Robert Kennedy.  It brought me to tears.  There was an article in there written by Robert himself before he died.  Very moving.

- P.

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