Sunday, June 10, 2012

LBDP days 10-14

Blogging went MIA!  

Day 10
Push/Pull and 20/10s with Angela

Day 11, wear all black day
My bday! 20/10s at the gym by myself today.

Day 12
Who works out in the evening? NOT ME! Or so I thought! Texts between myself and Angela this evening:
A: Have you worked out yet or do you want to meet me later:
P: Been in Fargo all day. Making cookies for reunion right now. I'm MIA for workout today.
A: Is that Missing In action?
P: Yep - missing in action.
P: I know! Okay okay - what time?
A: I am worried if you don't meet me I will talk myself out of it. 8:45.
P: OKAY! See you in 2 hours!
Core and Rippers

Day 13 - no workout
Day 14 - no workout.  Realized this was a fasting day at about 9:00 tonight.  Checking the schedule for this week. It's a busy one with baseball games, practices, football camps, etc. 

Even if you don't track what you eat - 


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