Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 5/7, Week 1/4

Starting today with a great quote I read on a blog this morning, which was perfect timing and needed to hear it.  Sometimes I get, I dont know if you'd call it being picked on, but people will make remarks and I just gotta shake my head.  I was offered a chocolate chip cookie at the baseball game last night, twice.  They really are the best cookies - I've had them before, but I turned it down, twice.  The second time I was left with a "I know - you dont want one because you eat healthy."  So here's my quote I read this morning that was perfect!

Set your goals high, never apologize for them and don’t stop until you get what you want!

This morning we did #12 FMFL strength again, it's a great workout!  Got home and drank my usual icky drink again - hot lemon water with tobasco and ACV.  Breakfast was bluberries, 1/2 banana, greek yogurt, pp, flax, and steel cut oats, and a cup of coconut oolong tea.

I then planned out my meals for the day.  Numbers look great.  Dont have a baseball game tonight, so should be good to go!  I'm having the same lunch as yesterday, it was yummy!  Chicken breast, Quinoa, Broccoli.  Supper is sirloin on the grill and asparagus.  Snacks are Quest bar and strawberries dipped in greek yogurt and chocolate protein powder. 
Lets get started!

morning green tea - TOM - had to have dark chocolate with it as usual. 

Supper - Yes - that is a Christmas tree on the plate - My son set the table.  But - there IS a blizzard warning tonight just west of us....and it's almost May!

Today's totals:
1449 calories
150 carbs
37 fat
147 protein

Gallon water
4 cups tea

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day4/7, week 1/4

Woke up this morning stiff - but in a good way!  Must have been those overhead back lunges yesterday, or the Bulgarian squats, or the squat to press, or the ...... 

Today's exercise plan:
Power walk 30-45 minutes
Got Core DVD

Today's menu:
Breakfast: Eggs and salsa
Lunch: Chicken, Quinoa, Brocolli
Dinner: Steak and brocolli
Snacks: 2 Quest bars, Strawberries dipped in Chobani and Chocolate PP.
Gallon of water
Lots of tea

This will give me less than 1300 calories, so I have some wiggle room.

The reason for 2 Quest bars is I have a baseball game to go to tonight - I'm bringing it instead of going to the concession stands!

Started my morning with Hot Lemon water with a dash of tobasco and a T of ACV.  Ewww!

Last night we got a call from the summer rec director asking if Brady would mind moving up a level to play on Babe Ruth, but also still play on the PeeWee team.  This means he will be having games this summer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!  Needs lots of planning for cooler menus!

Today's inspiration photo comes from Jamie Eason's FB inspirational people:

Morning drink, eww!  But Jennifer said it's good for me,
so down the hatch it went!

3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, fresh salsa and spinach.  I dont know why eating eggs in the morning gives me an upset stomach, but it did again today.  :(

Morning snack, Quest bar (warmed up), vanilla Chobani with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yes - that is a bite taken before I put the toppings on - couldnt wait. YUM!

Lunch was YUMMY!  Quinoa, Chicken, Brocolli, Lemon
I might have to have this again tomorrow!

This was amazing!  Chobani, chocolate pp, and strawberries!

I packed a cooler for the baseball game, had an apple and quest bar.  I was so proud of myself!  A friend of mine makes chocolate chip cookies - she always brings a bunch for the kids to the games.  The kids love them - they are the best.  My son asked me to get the recipe once, so I did, and realized why they were so good.  They have 1 cup of Crisco AND 1 cup of oil!!!!!!!!  Everyone was eating the chocolate chip cookies, and I didnt have any!  Not even one bite!!!

Okay - it's baseball season - time to start cooking ahead, planning, packing a cooler.  Game didnt get over until past 7:00 and we didnt get home until 8:00.  The guys had pizza - I refused.  So I just had a Quest bar and coconut oolong tea. 

My numbers at the beginning of the day with my plan were great - I was decreasing my carbs throughout the day to almost none for dinner as planned, but late baseball game disrupted that plan.  Need to do a lot of planning this summer as my son Brady will be playing on 2 baseball teams instead of 1, which means we will be playing baseball M-Th each week! 

1554 calories
140 carbs - not bad
60 fat - little high
148 protein - WOOHOO!

Gallon of water and lots of tea down the hatch!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 3/7, week 1/4

Started this morning with a workout with some ladies. We did #12 FMFL strength for the first time.  It's a good one!  The exercises consisted of 3 sets, 8 reps: One arm snatch, Wall sits with bicep curl, Plie squat with upright row, Bulgarian Squats, Squat to press, and Overhead back lunges.  The gym was soooo hot this morning we all thought we were going to faint!  Actually got a little sick to my stomach.

I have my meals planned out for today, which I planned last night.  I've got my carbs down a little from previous days, and tried to put them more towards the beginning of the day.  I also tried putting a tablespoon of ACV in my hot lemon water this morning.  Ewww! But I drank it - more like chugged it. 

Today's meals will be my usual breakfast, left over salmon and quinoa for lunch, and Clean Eating Spicy Turkey burgers for supper.  I'm hoping my Fedex guy will show up with my Quest bars as I have that in my plan for today too.  A gallon of water and lots of tea again.  I dont have any treats or snacks planned other than the Quest bar - I might have to have that chocolate fix I had yesterday with strawberries, melted chocolate, and almonds again though! 

I thoroughly enjoyed Carolyn's blog today on being choosy about everything. Everything you buy, everything you eat, everything you do.  I am going to choose to be choosey! 

Let the day begin!

Beef jerky - lots of sodium, but good protein.

Ooooooooooolong Tea - take me away! (x3)

Just a little inspiration I look at.  From the Oxygen magazine, transformations.  I always take note of the women who are around my age and height and weight.  Love this one!

Yeah! Fedex delivered today!

Lunch - left over salmon, spinach, quinoa, and fresh salsa drizzled with lemon juice.

Dinner was Spicy Feta Turkey Burger.  I usually like it with sprouts - but they were old, so just put spinach and a spoon of fresh salsa on it.  Yum!  My family loves these!

I am actually pretty full tonight.  I think I'm going to maybe cut back on my portions a bit.  My numbers are better today after doing some adjusting.  I'm trying not to focus so much on the calories - I just read an article in an old Oxygen magazine tonight with Jamie Eason on calories and not being obsessed with them.  I guess my goal for these 4 weeks is to eat as clean as possible, we'll see where it takes me! 

1535 Calories
125 Carbs
31 Fat
146 Protein :)

And a gallon of water!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 2/7, week 1/4

Had an early morning to ortho for Brady today.  It would have been a perfect morning to grab a RachelMac muffin, but I didnt have any!  After his appt stopped and picked up some fresh veggies before taking him back to school and picked up a Chai Tea Latte and got a banana out of my grocery bag for the ride home (my drive to Fargo is an hour one way).  I only had 3 sips of this - it was too thick, too creamy, too something.  I know what it was - I'm used to drinking just plain tea!  I used to drink coffee - not really coffee, but the caramel, chocolate, coffee with whipped cream on top with a drizzling of chocolate syrup.  That's the kind of coffee I drank.  I stopped ordering those a while back and now LOVE TEA! 

When I got home I mixed up an Oxygen Radical Repair smoothie.  Kiwi, Strawberries, Almond milk, dash of vanilla, protein powder, and a squeeze of agave.  Yum!  I only drank 1/2 of this.

More Coconut Oolong Tea

Lunch was couscous, chicken breast, asparagus, bell pepper, zuchinni, drizzled with lemon. I think I need to try switching to quinoa; it has less calories and less carbs. Forgot to take picture - same as yesterday except I added a few slices of zuchinni.

After lunch treat again! Coconut Oolong tea and Gihirardelli dark chocolate.  I didnt finish the first cup, so warmed it up - but I've found that I even like it room temp and with a little ice sometimes!

Right now I'm very behind on drinking my water!  Chug Chug Chug for the rest of the day!

This afternoon I was craving chocolate (TOM).  I came up with this and .... hmmmm.... might be a winner!
Strawberries, melted dark chocolate, and almonds.

Supper was salmon with spinach and fresh salsa baked in parchment paper, 1/2 sweet baked potato with cinnamon, and brocolli.  I wasnt hungry and only ate half of this - lunch tomorrow!

My protein was a little low at the end of the day, so I'm going to have milk and caseine before bed.

My numbers were still a little too high and a little too low, but thats what happens when you skip breakfast!!!  Will look at my spark page nutrition and adjust.
I did get in a gallon of water today again!

Today's totals 
1439 calories
195 carbs (too high)
31 fat
109 protein (need more)

Jamie Eason on Clean Eating...

She is such a cutie petutie.  Loved her facebook story today about her mom and dad.  Here is part of it if you idn't see it.

My parents will kill me, so this will not stay up but they transformed through diet alone and just walking around the block together.  Excessive cardio is NOT the answer!  It's being consistent and totally devoted to clean eating!  Adding weight training will then reshape and lift your body.  Cardio is for heart health and for getting super lean, if that becomes your goal, but it is NOT the answer to a lasting transformation unless you plan to do cardio every single day for the rest of your life and who wants that??
A clean diet first, resistance training next, and cardio last!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 1/7 week 1/4

Here we go! First day of blogging my meals.  Monday - went as any other Monday, not as planned.  I didnt get a reply from any of my ladies to meet at the gym, so planned on starting work early (I work from home) and working out around noon at home.  Morning started good, then at 10:30 the school called, Aiden (7 yrs old) didnt feel good.  So I went to get him, when I got there he was in line for lunch and wanted to eat before he went home.  Hmmmm?  All I could think was yesterday for Easter he got a new Lego set he has been waiting for and I bet it was calling his name.  I made him take a nap, then watch a movie, THEN he could play quietly with his Legos.  I think he was fine.  Pretty sure.  I didnt get in my workout because of this 1-1/2 hour situation, and then had to go back to school tonight for speech night for Brady.  I can't work out at night - just cant sleep, so I'm going to have to split up my strength between Tuesday and Wednesday. 
All in all, my eating was pretty good.  Not quite 120+ protein, and carbs were a little high;
will have to look at it closer tomorrow. 

1434 Calories
161 carbs
40 fat
116 protein

Started my day with my usual breakfast. This keeps me full until lunch.

Morning tea

Lunch - one of my favorites.
Asparagus, Couscous, Bell pepper, chicken breast,
drizzled with lemon juice.
This has become one my favorite treats - it curbs my
sweet tooth after lunch.

Tonight I had to go to Brady's speech meet where they served supper. I was not excited about it. It was sloppy joes, chips, mac salad, cookies, lemonade.  I just had the sloppy joe on wheat and a cookie, and stuck with my water. Did not take a picture, my phone was in the car, so these will have to do.

I had another coconut oolong tea when I got home and finished my water - one gallon down!  Here is my bottle of water - I have 6 bands on it, each time I empty - I move it down, so I can keep track all day.
Sorry - bad picture.

Oh - and guess who finished putting together their new Lego set tonight while I was at speech night?

Here We Go!

This week:
M: Strength
T: Power walk 30-45 minutes, core
W: Strength
Th: 45-minute walk, core
Fr: Strength
Sat: Off or yoga
Sun: 7 miles walk/jog

Gallon of water a day
3+ cups of tea
120+ g protein
picture of everything that goes in my mouth
Positive attitude!

Personal things to do this week:
M: Speech meet for Brady
T: Brady's Ortho appt 730am
Th: Brady's baseball game
Sat: Brady's Baseball game, Bison spring football game
Grocery shopping

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fit Moms For Life Blog 4/24/2011

I am a blogger for Dustin Maher Fitness along with a few other mom's. Here is my post for today. Check it out!

It's Me Time, It's My Time!

I'm kind of a quiet person, don't like a lot of hipe.  I live on a farm in ND with my husband and two sons. We do the usual things of chasing our kids to their school functions and sports including basketball, baseball, football, and hockey, which I enjoy very much.  I work from home, so any time out and with friends is great for me.
I enjoy golfing in the summer, landscaping my yard, and I've become obsessed with clean eating.
I have never been overweight. Yah sure I've gained the 10-15 pounds here and there, but it's always come back off with a little weight lifting, but that changed when I turned 36 or so.  I am almost 41 now and it's harder and harder to keep that extra weight off.  I have the tools, I have the know-how, I know what to do, and I do it......but 100%?  My friend Kim (who I'm very accountable to and vice versa) started following Dustin Maher's Fit Mom's For Life.  It focuses on weight lifting, which I love.  I also lead a group of ladies in town early in the mornings 5 days a week in strength training.  But am I giving it 100%?  No, and it's time to!  I get inspired by other people and their huge transformations of being overweight to being fit. Jennifer, Carolyn, Amy - I'm talking about you. What a huge impact you have had on me!  I've only got a little ways to go to be fit in the way I'd like to be, it's just so much harder as the years keep adding up.  But my challenge to me is to be as fit as I possibly can.  I want to be one of those people who inspire others who are 35-40ish and look up to me for inspiration. I want to be one of those people who younger women look up to and think it's possible to stay fit as you age.  Okay seriously - I want to be Tosca Reno.  :)  So - lets see what we can do if we give it 100%!!