Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 2/7, week 1/4

Had an early morning to ortho for Brady today.  It would have been a perfect morning to grab a RachelMac muffin, but I didnt have any!  After his appt stopped and picked up some fresh veggies before taking him back to school and picked up a Chai Tea Latte and got a banana out of my grocery bag for the ride home (my drive to Fargo is an hour one way).  I only had 3 sips of this - it was too thick, too creamy, too something.  I know what it was - I'm used to drinking just plain tea!  I used to drink coffee - not really coffee, but the caramel, chocolate, coffee with whipped cream on top with a drizzling of chocolate syrup.  That's the kind of coffee I drank.  I stopped ordering those a while back and now LOVE TEA! 

When I got home I mixed up an Oxygen Radical Repair smoothie.  Kiwi, Strawberries, Almond milk, dash of vanilla, protein powder, and a squeeze of agave.  Yum!  I only drank 1/2 of this.

More Coconut Oolong Tea

Lunch was couscous, chicken breast, asparagus, bell pepper, zuchinni, drizzled with lemon. I think I need to try switching to quinoa; it has less calories and less carbs. Forgot to take picture - same as yesterday except I added a few slices of zuchinni.

After lunch treat again! Coconut Oolong tea and Gihirardelli dark chocolate.  I didnt finish the first cup, so warmed it up - but I've found that I even like it room temp and with a little ice sometimes!

Right now I'm very behind on drinking my water!  Chug Chug Chug for the rest of the day!

This afternoon I was craving chocolate (TOM).  I came up with this and .... hmmmm.... might be a winner!
Strawberries, melted dark chocolate, and almonds.

Supper was salmon with spinach and fresh salsa baked in parchment paper, 1/2 sweet baked potato with cinnamon, and brocolli.  I wasnt hungry and only ate half of this - lunch tomorrow!

My protein was a little low at the end of the day, so I'm going to have milk and caseine before bed.

My numbers were still a little too high and a little too low, but thats what happens when you skip breakfast!!!  Will look at my spark page nutrition and adjust.
I did get in a gallon of water today again!

Today's totals 
1439 calories
195 carbs (too high)
31 fat
109 protein (need more)

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