Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 3/7, week 1/4

Started this morning with a workout with some ladies. We did #12 FMFL strength for the first time.  It's a good one!  The exercises consisted of 3 sets, 8 reps: One arm snatch, Wall sits with bicep curl, Plie squat with upright row, Bulgarian Squats, Squat to press, and Overhead back lunges.  The gym was soooo hot this morning we all thought we were going to faint!  Actually got a little sick to my stomach.

I have my meals planned out for today, which I planned last night.  I've got my carbs down a little from previous days, and tried to put them more towards the beginning of the day.  I also tried putting a tablespoon of ACV in my hot lemon water this morning.  Ewww! But I drank it - more like chugged it. 

Today's meals will be my usual breakfast, left over salmon and quinoa for lunch, and Clean Eating Spicy Turkey burgers for supper.  I'm hoping my Fedex guy will show up with my Quest bars as I have that in my plan for today too.  A gallon of water and lots of tea again.  I dont have any treats or snacks planned other than the Quest bar - I might have to have that chocolate fix I had yesterday with strawberries, melted chocolate, and almonds again though! 

I thoroughly enjoyed Carolyn's blog today on being choosy about everything. Everything you buy, everything you eat, everything you do.  I am going to choose to be choosey! 

Let the day begin!

Beef jerky - lots of sodium, but good protein.

Ooooooooooolong Tea - take me away! (x3)

Just a little inspiration I look at.  From the Oxygen magazine, transformations.  I always take note of the women who are around my age and height and weight.  Love this one!

Yeah! Fedex delivered today!

Lunch - left over salmon, spinach, quinoa, and fresh salsa drizzled with lemon juice.

Dinner was Spicy Feta Turkey Burger.  I usually like it with sprouts - but they were old, so just put spinach and a spoon of fresh salsa on it.  Yum!  My family loves these!

I am actually pretty full tonight.  I think I'm going to maybe cut back on my portions a bit.  My numbers are better today after doing some adjusting.  I'm trying not to focus so much on the calories - I just read an article in an old Oxygen magazine tonight with Jamie Eason on calories and not being obsessed with them.  I guess my goal for these 4 weeks is to eat as clean as possible, we'll see where it takes me! 

1535 Calories
125 Carbs
31 Fat
146 Protein :)

And a gallon of water!

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