Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day4/7, week 1/4

Woke up this morning stiff - but in a good way!  Must have been those overhead back lunges yesterday, or the Bulgarian squats, or the squat to press, or the ...... 

Today's exercise plan:
Power walk 30-45 minutes
Got Core DVD

Today's menu:
Breakfast: Eggs and salsa
Lunch: Chicken, Quinoa, Brocolli
Dinner: Steak and brocolli
Snacks: 2 Quest bars, Strawberries dipped in Chobani and Chocolate PP.
Gallon of water
Lots of tea

This will give me less than 1300 calories, so I have some wiggle room.

The reason for 2 Quest bars is I have a baseball game to go to tonight - I'm bringing it instead of going to the concession stands!

Started my morning with Hot Lemon water with a dash of tobasco and a T of ACV.  Ewww!

Last night we got a call from the summer rec director asking if Brady would mind moving up a level to play on Babe Ruth, but also still play on the PeeWee team.  This means he will be having games this summer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!  Needs lots of planning for cooler menus!

Today's inspiration photo comes from Jamie Eason's FB inspirational people:

Morning drink, eww!  But Jennifer said it's good for me,
so down the hatch it went!

3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, fresh salsa and spinach.  I dont know why eating eggs in the morning gives me an upset stomach, but it did again today.  :(

Morning snack, Quest bar (warmed up), vanilla Chobani with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yes - that is a bite taken before I put the toppings on - couldnt wait. YUM!

Lunch was YUMMY!  Quinoa, Chicken, Brocolli, Lemon
I might have to have this again tomorrow!

This was amazing!  Chobani, chocolate pp, and strawberries!

I packed a cooler for the baseball game, had an apple and quest bar.  I was so proud of myself!  A friend of mine makes chocolate chip cookies - she always brings a bunch for the kids to the games.  The kids love them - they are the best.  My son asked me to get the recipe once, so I did, and realized why they were so good.  They have 1 cup of Crisco AND 1 cup of oil!!!!!!!!  Everyone was eating the chocolate chip cookies, and I didnt have any!  Not even one bite!!!

Okay - it's baseball season - time to start cooking ahead, planning, packing a cooler.  Game didnt get over until past 7:00 and we didnt get home until 8:00.  The guys had pizza - I refused.  So I just had a Quest bar and coconut oolong tea. 

My numbers at the beginning of the day with my plan were great - I was decreasing my carbs throughout the day to almost none for dinner as planned, but late baseball game disrupted that plan.  Need to do a lot of planning this summer as my son Brady will be playing on 2 baseball teams instead of 1, which means we will be playing baseball M-Th each week! 

1554 calories
140 carbs - not bad
60 fat - little high
148 protein - WOOHOO!

Gallon of water and lots of tea down the hatch!


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