Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 1/7 week 1/4

Here we go! First day of blogging my meals.  Monday - went as any other Monday, not as planned.  I didnt get a reply from any of my ladies to meet at the gym, so planned on starting work early (I work from home) and working out around noon at home.  Morning started good, then at 10:30 the school called, Aiden (7 yrs old) didnt feel good.  So I went to get him, when I got there he was in line for lunch and wanted to eat before he went home.  Hmmmm?  All I could think was yesterday for Easter he got a new Lego set he has been waiting for and I bet it was calling his name.  I made him take a nap, then watch a movie, THEN he could play quietly with his Legos.  I think he was fine.  Pretty sure.  I didnt get in my workout because of this 1-1/2 hour situation, and then had to go back to school tonight for speech night for Brady.  I can't work out at night - just cant sleep, so I'm going to have to split up my strength between Tuesday and Wednesday. 
All in all, my eating was pretty good.  Not quite 120+ protein, and carbs were a little high;
will have to look at it closer tomorrow. 

1434 Calories
161 carbs
40 fat
116 protein

Started my day with my usual breakfast. This keeps me full until lunch.

Morning tea

Lunch - one of my favorites.
Asparagus, Couscous, Bell pepper, chicken breast,
drizzled with lemon juice.
This has become one my favorite treats - it curbs my
sweet tooth after lunch.

Tonight I had to go to Brady's speech meet where they served supper. I was not excited about it. It was sloppy joes, chips, mac salad, cookies, lemonade.  I just had the sloppy joe on wheat and a cookie, and stuck with my water. Did not take a picture, my phone was in the car, so these will have to do.

I had another coconut oolong tea when I got home and finished my water - one gallon down!  Here is my bottle of water - I have 6 bands on it, each time I empty - I move it down, so I can keep track all day.
Sorry - bad picture.

Oh - and guess who finished putting together their new Lego set tonight while I was at speech night?

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