Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 5/7, Week 1/4

Starting today with a great quote I read on a blog this morning, which was perfect timing and needed to hear it.  Sometimes I get, I dont know if you'd call it being picked on, but people will make remarks and I just gotta shake my head.  I was offered a chocolate chip cookie at the baseball game last night, twice.  They really are the best cookies - I've had them before, but I turned it down, twice.  The second time I was left with a "I know - you dont want one because you eat healthy."  So here's my quote I read this morning that was perfect!

Set your goals high, never apologize for them and don’t stop until you get what you want!

This morning we did #12 FMFL strength again, it's a great workout!  Got home and drank my usual icky drink again - hot lemon water with tobasco and ACV.  Breakfast was bluberries, 1/2 banana, greek yogurt, pp, flax, and steel cut oats, and a cup of coconut oolong tea.

I then planned out my meals for the day.  Numbers look great.  Dont have a baseball game tonight, so should be good to go!  I'm having the same lunch as yesterday, it was yummy!  Chicken breast, Quinoa, Broccoli.  Supper is sirloin on the grill and asparagus.  Snacks are Quest bar and strawberries dipped in greek yogurt and chocolate protein powder. 
Lets get started!

morning green tea - TOM - had to have dark chocolate with it as usual. 

Supper - Yes - that is a Christmas tree on the plate - My son set the table.  But - there IS a blizzard warning tonight just west of us....and it's almost May!

Today's totals:
1449 calories
150 carbs
37 fat
147 protein

Gallon water
4 cups tea

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