Thursday, May 19, 2011

day3-4/7, week 4/4 and a confession!

Crazy busy this week.  I always say that though!  Seriously...the weather has been terrible.  My husband JUST got in the field for the first time today and it's almost June and wet weather coming again tomorrow.  NOT GOOD.

Yesterday I had to make a cake for a little girl turning 2.  I really didnt have time this week, but I have a hard time saying no, and it was for a girl, and it was Minnie Mouse!  :)  BUT - I had a hard time with the crumbs, which turned into bites.  I made a red velvet cake and first time recipe so I had to try it.  Why is sugar so addictive?  You can't have just one bite?  It's crazy!  After a little too much I looked for help and emailed Amy who told me to brush my teeth or chew gum.  Yes - I know these two things SOMETIMES help, but I needed a little nudge!  Thanks Amy!  I ended up making a protein shake with frozen strawberries, chocolate pp, and almond milk, which helped the rest of the cake making.  That's not to say I didnt have more than my share and I stopped completely, but I had her in the back of my mind and it helped - a little! 

I was reassured this morning when I saw Gretchen of all people admit to having this problem as well - A little sugar turns into a lot of sugar.  There's no will power about it.  It is what it is.  Solution - dont have it in the house.  But it's a hobby of mine, making cakes and cupcakes for special occasions.  I just have to do my best and look for help/accountability when I need it - thanks friends!

Pictures are random - need to get kids to bed, so they are not in any sort of order.

6am Wednesday - waiting for my sisters in iron to come for Got Core and tabatas!

Here's that darn cake!

Oops, bad picture.  Frozen strawberries, chocolate pp, almond milk to the rescue - sort of!
 I was literally running out the house to get Brady to baseball practice and thought I'd have to skip supper or grab a Quest bar.  Instead I found in my fridge ready to throw together spinach, chicken, bell peppers, shredded zuchini, and lemon!  Yum!

I had to laugh - at the end of practice the coaches had the kids picking weeds from the infield! 

Tshirts are ready for my ladies!  My son - if he is able to come to the race, will be wearing this.  He wants to wear it to school tomorrow.  :)

Quest snack (I was thinking about the cupcakes in the kitchen left over for the kids)
Lunch in the car on my way to Fargo for a few errands and stop to get my packet for the 5 and 10K!

Here's that darn cake I made! 

The expo - picking up packets.  Every time I walk in here each year I get so excited and wished I was more of a RUNNER!  Oh well.  I soooo enjoy being a part of it and watching the incredible athletes!  I was pretty excited when I ran into a booth for Cross Fit!  I have just been hearing about this lately and found it something I'd love to do!

There was also a Sweaty Bands booth!  Been wanting to try these, I always thought my head was probably a goofy shape, never stay in place, gives me a headache.  I put it on when I got home and it's still in the same place and comfortable!

I got home and my package arrived!  New capris - not sure if I'll wear them for the 5 or 10k, a little revealing for me I think!  I LOVE the top though!
Grrrr - cant get it to rotate!

Got home and it was crazy - lady was coming to pick up cake, it was 5:00, Neil was in the field, Boys just got home from school - Brady was helping dig the field ahead of Neil, Aiden was hungry; Brady wanted to go to school in an hour for a variety show - ended up talking him out of it and sent him back to the field (rain coming!), thank goodness picked up Papa Murphy's pizza for supper.  Sent it out to the field with the boys but not before I grabbed two pieces.  It was spinach, artichoke and chicken.  Yum!  Only 'bad' thing on it was the crust - but it was Delight - very thin.  

Then finished tshirts for my ladies for the 10K!

Tomorrow is last day of school, they are done at 1:00.  Then the running for baseball starts, basketball and football camps, mowing the lawn, etc.  And my grocery bill goes up!  :) 

Tomorrow - work, put my feet up when possible, pray for no rain for both my husband and for the runners this weekend, and then 5K at 6:30pm and 10K Saturday morning!

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  1. Whew, I am tired just reading your blog! Great job, girl!