Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 2/7, week 2/4 challenge

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

It's Tuesday already!  Run Run Run this week!  Baseball tonight again.

Breakfast - I just was not happy with anything this morning! 

My usual chobani, berries, chia seeds, and an egg.  The egg was not appetizing this morning, it was cold and wet.  Eww.  I only got down half of one! I couldnt eat the berries and chobani either.... soooo....

I blended it up and added some chocolate pp.  But I still couldn't get it down!  A couple drinks and I poured it down the drain.  I think it's time to start changing up my breakfast.

So - Quest bar and green tea is was - for breakfast!  I had to eat something!

Snack was Coconut Oolong tea, apple, egg, and almond butter.

Went for a 30-minute power walk outside.  It's still cold and so I walked back and forth on our road just where the trees blocked the wind.  My dog thought I was crazy going back and forth!  I then came in and did Bowflex hip extensors (love these) and kickbacks followed by 4 minutes of tabatas on the bike.  Dang you Kim for introducing me to tabatas! 

Lunch was yummy as usual.  I still cant believe I'm eating a decent size lunch when I used to make a pbj and call it good!  Quinoa, chicken, asparagus, and bell peppers.  Yum!

Off to the baseball game!  I brought a big mug of hot coconut oolong tea because it's still cold outside!  Wrapped in blankets and wearing gloves!  Had some pistachios.  I need to find some good munchies for baseball games.  I'm not ready for the sunflower seeds quite yet - by the time the end of baseball season ends, my mouth is sore!

Everyone at the baseball game thought I was kidding when I said I brought salmon for supper!

I was going to have casein before bed, but we didnt get home until after 9pm and had two boys to get their homework done and in bed, and I was tired and went right to bed after...and I wasnt hungry at all. 

Totals today:
calories 1377 (low)
carbs 128
fat 41
protein 130
Gallon of water and tea x3 or 4

Wednesday tomorrow and dont have to be anywhere!  Yeah!


  1. Way to go, Patty! Gotta love/hate tabatas! Great blog!

  2. I keep hearing about Quest bars. Are the really worth the hype? :)
    Great job with the food, despite breakfast not working out well.

  3. Quest bars - The Best! I have tried lots of power bars, protein bars, etc. All ick. I bought 1 bar to try and immediately ordered the box. I'm on my 3rd order - waiting patiently for it (not patiently).