Tuesday, May 17, 2011

day 2/7, week 4/4

Good morning! Sun is finally shining! 

Today was Rachel Mac day 2.  OMG.  I dont think I've ever worked one muscle like this before, I know I haven't.  Working today on the computer was a challenge!  I could barely hold my arms up!  Today was Chest and Triceps.
Chest press
Incline chest press
cable cross overs
bench dips
seated triceps press
rope press downs

Cooper was enjoying the nice day with a new bone.

New recipe.  Tuna, spinach, quinoa, feta cheese.  Pretty good!

Chocolate fix!

Gulp!  Ick!

Neil made chicken on the grill again tonight!  Yum!  Spinach, peppers, and zuchini

No Casein tonight - just tired and wanna go to bed!

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