Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 1/7, week 4/4

Okay, today I started something different with my exercise routine.  Instead of doing full body strength 3 days a week and cardio/core 2 days a week; I am breaking muscle groups up following a friend's sample of her workouts.  You can find her workout here!  She's transformed her body with weights - just like I know everyone can if they just put the treadmill away and pick up HEAVY weights!  I am going to focus on increasing my weights even more than I have and exhausting the muscles by the end of the workout, then give the muscles at least 72 hours to repair.  My shoulders were drained this morning!  I also followed this with 4 minutes of tabatas on the stationary bike. 

This weekend I spent a little time chopping onions, browning some turkey, and making spicy feta turkey burgers to freeze for quick meals.  Here are some ideas on how to package them.  I like to put them all in one bag, then kind of split them into portions and then fold, so you can just break off what you need from the freezer.  Plan Plan Plan!

Chopped onions.  This way you dont have to chop onions every time you need them! 

Ground turkey.
Put in a bag...

  Fold, then freeze!

I'm tired of trying to like oatmeal.  I love the idea of a warm bowl of oatmeal on chilly mornings, but I cant like it no matter how I prepare it. 
Breakfast this morning was berries, greek yogurt, protein powder, and steel cut oats.

Green tea!

Morning snack.  I started out with walnut, but changed to almonds.  I found out I didnt like walnuts! 

yah yah yah, the same thing again, but it's good and it works and it's quick!  Quinoa, chicken breast, brocolli.  I only ate half of this though.  Still fighting this cold and no appetite.
My hubby brought these in from the yard for me.  Sweet!
On way to baseball game again!

I put stew meat in the crockpot this morning so the boys had something for supper when we got home.  They had stroganoff on noodles.  I just had the meat.  It was already 9:00 pm!

Before Bed. 

The groundwork of all happiness is good health. 

Things I learned today:  Talked about the difference between lifting weights full body workout 3 days a week versus lifting a specific different muscle group each day, lifting 4 days a week.  We'll see how it goes!  I do know my shoulders are drained today!  Tomorrow morning is Chest and Triceps day.


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