Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1/7 of week 2/4 challenge

One week down, 3 to go!

This week's plan:

M- strength #12
T- 30-45 minute power walk, core, tabatas, arms, hip flexors
W- strength #12
Th- 30-45 minute power walk, core, tabatas, arms, hip flexors
F- Strength #12
S- off
S- 3.5 miles

Personal/Family agenda:
M- 2 baseball games
T- 2 baseball games
W- grocery shopping, errands in Fargo
Th- Haircut/color appt, and 2 spring concerts
F- 2 baseball games
S- all day baseball tournament
S- church, plan next weeks meals

Lots of baseball this week! Lots of running!  Need to do lots of preparing meals and packing meals.  Today was a great day!  Workout in the am was pretty great - short, but heavy weights.  Low reps, heavy weights. 

Nutritionally today - it was a great day! 

Breakfast after workout

morning snack


Snack at baseball game

Supper, this was surprisingly good - fresh.  But needed a little something.  I didnt use any dressing of any sort on it, it was just spinach, strawberries, and chicken breast.  Maybe sliced almonds? Something...

Coconut Oolong Tea x3 today

Caseine before bed

Todays totals:
1428 calories
129 carbs
42 fat
147 protein

I was really happy with my menu today!


  1. Patty thanks for hitting my blog. Yes you can have and do need more cals that are clean.
    So funny I just ordered 2 cases of Quest bars
    Great blog!


    I am so proud of you girl, this month you are going just MELT away!!! I just love your tea and your little cup :) YEA!