Sunday, May 22, 2011

day 5-7/7, week 4/4

5K Friday and 10K Saturday - oofdah!

Busy couple of days.  Hmmm - do I always start my blogs this way!?!?

Friday was the last day of school for my boys.  I picked up Brady at 1:00 and headed to Fargo for a hair appt for him and then the 5K.  It was drizzly, raining, etc.  But it let up when the race started.  I'm still struggling with pain in my foot, so had no plans on running either this day or the next, just wanted to be involved in all of the fun and finish!

Having something to eat before the 5K.  Rainy and windy!

Got home Friday night at 9:00, set out my clothes for the 10K and showered and was in bed and asleep by 10:00. 

Saturday - alarm goes off at 4:00 a.m.  The wind is blowing outside and the rain is coming down in sheets.  Not good.  I had to talk myself into getting up and not saying to heck with it and going back to sleep.  I was on the road by 4:30 and at the Fargo Dome by 5:30 to meet up with some friends.  Thankfully - the rain let up by the time we lined up, all 20,000 of us! 

I like the girl who I caught yawning.  :)

My friends and I started out with a 2:2 jog/walk ratio and pretty much did that through the entire thing.  I needed a few extra long walk intervals because my foot was killing me.  I had someone at one of the expo booths look at my feet for me and said I had a hug calcium deposit.  He said "no wonder why your feet hurt."  He told me to soak my feet in Epsom salts for 20 minutes daily, but it would take time.  

I try not to even look at my time, but of course I did, and as usual - I was disappointed.  I know I know - I finished, and shouldnt be disappointed in doing something that most people wont even attempt, but I am.  Kim - if you are reading this - I'm sorry I held you back - I know you wanted to go faster and thanks for hanging back until I encouraged you the last mile to RUN!  I'm so proud of you.  If I get this pain resolved before next May - I want you to push me to keep up with you, okay!?

So - I've done a lot of blog reading on Nancy's Spark Page.  She's pretty awesome.  I've gone back and forth with tracking to not tracking and just taking pics of what I"m eating, but I really do feel better when I'm tracking, so I'm going back to doing that.  I also figured out my BMR to figure how many calories I should be consuming and the protein, carb, fat ratio I should be aiming for.  I was always under-eating. 

Exercise - I am doing Rachel Mac's program, but one thing I am changing is my cardio.  I dont do enough of it.  I am going to do 30 minutes of HIIT 3 days a week.  I'm also going to do Yoga every Friday. 

These are my changes I am starting.  This is my plan for this week.  I think I would like to do legs more than once a week, but this week is as follows...

1500 calories
150 protein
150 carbs
32 fat

1 gallon of water daily

Remember to take my vitamins and fish oil

M: Back and Biceps, 30 minutes HIIT
T: Chest and Triceps
W: Shoulders and Abs, 30 minutes HIIT
TH: Lower body
F: Yoga, 30 minutes HIIT
                                                And Saturday maybe a Buns from Dustins Buns, Guns, Shoulders, and Arms

And one thing I will TRY to do is tv off, books away, lights out, and eyes closed by 10:30 each night! 

I am also going to not take a photo of everything I eat.  I am doing a pretty good job with my choices.  I will be tracking on Spark though so I can follow the plan above with those macros.  But I will take a photo of maybe something new or something I'd like to share.  Tonight is just that example!  I had my first green smoothie and it was great!  Thanks Amanda! 

Spinach, frozen banana, flaxseed, vanilla protein powder, ice, water.  YUMMM!  This will definitely be a regular for me!

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  1. Great blog! Thank you for the nod towards my blog. That is really kind. I can't believe you ran despite being in pain! I'm impressed!

    Your sandwich looks like it's frowning. :-)

    I'm cutting back on cardio, and you are ramping yours up. :-)

    How did you get something besides the regular background on yours? I have a blogger blog, too (same blog content as Spark, for the most part- There's a little more on Spark), but I have to go with one of their backgrounds.