Tuesday, July 26, 2011

week 4 plan!

Well - whatever Vicki is having me doing is working!  Since July 3rd I have dropped 6 pounds and feeling good.  Last week was a bunch of cardio - and everyone knows my love/hate relationship with cardio.  I hate it, but I feel good after it's done.  Low-intensity, long-distance cardio - STILL BAD.  Good cardio = high intensity bursts.  My 30 minutes of cardio on Tuesday was outside in the morning, 3 minutes of power walking - probably faster than some people jog - with 30 seconds of something that really got me huffing - i.e., burpees, jumping jacks, walking lunges, jump squats, deep squats, etc.  

Jennifer, Gwen, Angela, FMFLers - Core/abs workouts - here are some examples from Dustin's Got Core DVDs, which I LOVE! 
Planks on ball
Side planks 
Oblique crunches on ball (my favorite)
Knee tucks on ball
Laying opposites
Charlies Angels
Back Extensions (gotta work the back to get the abs too!)
3 part crunches - We LOVE these remember?
And GWEN's Favorite - Hand to Foot Transfers

There's some of our favorites! 

My plan from VICKI for the week.

MONDAY - Full Body
Push ups 4 sets to failure each set
Flat bench 4x1minute
Upright rows light dumbbells 4 sets 1 minute
Shoulder press 2x8 use heavier weight
Dumbell Rows 4x1minute
Hammer curls 4x1minute
Deep bodyweight squats fast tempo 4 x1minute
Tricep kickbacks 4 x 1  minute
Calf Raises with Dumbbells 2 x25

CARDIO & ABS up the intensity this week
30 minutes of cardio plus ....... Abs 
Do all  your ab exercises to failure burn them out!!
Cardio ideas.... do mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jump rope for minute sets add in some sprints

Incline Bench 3x 1 minute
Side lateral Raises 3 x 1 minute
Lat pulldowns 3x 1minute
Jumping jacks 3 1 minute sets
Lunges 10-15lb. Dumbbells 3 x 1 minute
Step ups on bench 10-15lb. Dumbbells 3 x 1minute
Dumbell curls 3 x 1minute
Pressdowns 3 x1 minute
Dumbbell Calf Raises 2 x25

25  minutes of cardio plus ....... Abs 
Do all  your ab exercises to failure burn them out!!
Cardio ideas.... do mountain climbers, Jumping jacks, jump rope for minute sets add in some sprints anything you want to throw in just keep moving with very short breaks

FRIDAY- only 2 minute sets here make it count
Deadlifts 2x 1 minute
Leg Curl 2 x1 minute
Leg Extensions 2 x 1minute
Incline Flys 2 x 1 minute
Front raises 2 x 1 minute
Tricep pressdowns 2 x 1 minute
Pullups as many as you can do
Ez curl bar curls 2 x 1minute
Shoulder press 2 x 1 minute
Calf raises 2 x 25

Saturday-CARDIO & ABS
30 minutes interval workout  make it count
Abs train them with weights leg weights work great or medicine balls

All the workouts for the minute sets you want to use a weight that is hard but you can keep good form also pace yourself to be able to make it through the whole set these will burn and you will feel like you did cardio I'm always soaked try to take very little rest keep up your heart rate. They key is to train hard and get in cardio at the same time :)

So there you go - Vicki's plan for me for the week!  
Now - go get it!

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