Monday, July 11, 2011

Vicki's 8-week challenge, week 2 plan!

Monday- Legs
Leg curl  2x20 use heavy enough weight to get to 20 but it should really burn I use 35lbs for this
Leg Extensions 2x20 same as above...
Squats 2x20 with the bar no weight
Jump Squats 5x10
Mountain Climbers 2x1min
Lunges 3x1min
Deadlifts 2x20

Tues- Cardio & Abs 30-45minutes of high intensity you can mix them together or do separate

Wednesday-Chest Shoulders Triceps
Incline Bench 2x20
Incline Flys 2x20
Push ups 4 x10
Shoulder press 2 x20
Side laretral raises 2x1 minute
Upright rows 2 x 1 minute use lighter weight or I use an ez curl bar and burn it out
Pressdowns 2x20
Kick backs 2x20

Thursday -Cardio & Abs 45 minutes lower intensity

Friday Back & Biceps
Pull ups 5 sets of as many as you can do
Back Row machine or Dumbbell rows close grip 2x20
Dumbbell  Curls 2x20
Hammer Curls 2x20
Hyper Extensions 2x20 holding a plate of your choice
Dips 1 set to failure
Lat pulldowns wide grip 2x20

This week - continue eating clean - no cheats/treats.  

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