Friday, July 8, 2011

Cardio and abs (#s to beat)

Day 4 of 8 week challenge

Breakfast: Chobani greek yogurt, strawberries, peaches, 1/2 ww english muffin and pb
am snack: Quest berry
post workout: Protein smoothie (chocolate ON, PB2, frozen banana)
snack: cucumber
supper: chicken breast, broccoli, peppers
snack at baseball game: Quest chocolate brownie

Dustin's Got Core DVDs are awesome!

BodyRock routine

Workout Breakdown

Time: 24min.Workout Type: Interval training Exercises: 4
This workout takes exactly 24 minutes and it is an amazing cardio and core training. Set your Interval Timer for 36 rounds of two intervals: 10 seconds and 30 seconds. Your goal is to push at your maximum effort during each 30 second interval and write down your reps during the 10 seconds intervals.
  • Low Jacks with Jump Rope max. reps  #183
  • One Leg Dead Lift -left leg max. reps   #88
  • One Leg Dead Lift - right leg max. reps   #105
  • Jump Lunge max. reps   #148

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