Monday, June 27, 2011

Lower Body and Eat Clean week challenge

Vicki's got a challenge going on in Fit For Life.  No junk food for the week.  It's been hard with the cakes I've been making!  I have to make one this week - might have to enlist the boys to taste test it since it is a new recipe!

This morning the boys had their annual physicals.  Their pediatrician left and we were crushed!  We loved him!  So we found a new doctor, and I must say - the boys like him even more!  So that was a blessing!  Both boys are healthy and growing like weeds. 

I didnt get to the gym this morning and usually if I dont do it in the morning, I dont get it done, but luckily we didnt have baseball tonight and I was able to get to the gym about 7:30pm for an hour of lower body and abs. 

Meals today:
* Greek yogurt with berries, pp, and steel cut oats
* Quinoa and veggies
* Apple and Kind bar
* Protein bar
* Steak salad
* Quest bar

Legs: 3 sets 8-12
Barbell squats 50 lb - I didnt like these - too awkward on the back.
DB single leg deadlift - 30 pound dbs
Leg ext - 10
Leg curls - 60
Leg press - 100
Calf raises - 20/20/20
Db bulg squats - 15 lb dbs - only got in 1 set - my legs were shaking

Ab machine 60 lbs 45
Russian twists with ball - 15x3
Oblique ball crunches - 15x3
Planks - 3 sets of 30 seconds

Had to take a photo of the sweat drop while doing the ab machine!

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