Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chest Shoulders Tris

Wednesday's workout

Flat bench                   2x20    15 lb db
Incline flies                 2x20    10
Shoulder press             3x10    15
Lateral raises               2x1m   8
Overhead tri                2x20    15/10
Tri kickbacks               2x20    5
Upright rows               2x1m   15

Ab machine                 25@80 pounds
Planks                          30 seconds front and sides

Treadmill 30:45 intervals 1 mile, 12 min.  (I should/could do faster, but was feeling lightheaded this morning doing this).  

Think if I quit with my cheat meals I'd get rid of that tummy!?  I remember when I was in my 20s and 30s - All I had to do was work out 3 times a week lifting weights and I was slim. I'm not saying I was strong, but I was slim.  It's so much harder in my 40s!  I can only image what I would look like (really dont want to imagine) if I wasnt doing what I am already!  
But, lets turn it up a notch? !

Followed up the workout with protein shake
Vanilla Prograde PP
Water and ice

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