Friday, April 27, 2012

42 to 42 challenge

Okay - here I go!  Starting 4/26 I have daily goals to meet for my 42-to-42 challenge.  I will turn 42 years old June 7th.  This is about a lifestyle, not a diet. I don't have a lot I'd like to lose, but I'd like to see how much I've been underestimating what my body can do.  Help me stay accountable!  Lets see what I can do!

Pushups: 1 pushup each day adding 1 more every day.
Planks: Starting with 30 seconds daily and increasing every 7 days.
Yoga/stretching: 5 minutes each day.
Kegels: 3x10 daily
Vacuum: 3x daily. (this is an ab exercise Dustin taught me that you can do daily)
Water: Aim for 1 g each day
Exercise: Keep up with my planned weight lifting and cardio/HIIT program with Nancy. Increase the intensity!
Clean eating:  Eating clean every day.  Only 'cheat' allowances will be either a square of dark chocolate or something made with natural ingredients; because I believe if you deprive will fail! 
Photos:  Daily photos of various things, my meals, my exericses, my tummy, etc.  

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